Reach prospects where they live, work and play.

Connect directly with potential renters through the most sophisticated location-based advertising technology on the market. Book a demo today and learn how to drive more awareness and tours of your property with geofencing!

" has consistently shown an ability to improve campaign performance. Our marketing team relies on them to provide monthly analysis and recommendations that help us understand and communicate the value of location-based marketing."
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  1. Jaclyn Hosking

Director, Acquisition Marketing, Bozzuto

Target Qualified Apartment Prospects, Months Ahead of Your Competition

Are you looking to reach the right prospects with stand-out creative? Break out of the templated (and crowded) ad-scape of paid search and ILSs. uses precision targeting to deliver ads across the entire prospect journey.


Our brand-approved, hyper-local campaigns drive results that you can effectively measure. Captivate top-of-the-funnel renters, who are touring or have just received their leasing renewal notice, with animated banner ads and 15- to 30-second unskippable commercials on streaming TV platforms like Sling TV and Hulu. Stand out in your prospect’s natural, digital environments with apartment digital marketing, fortified with expert geofencing.


Analyze Current Residents helps you identify top feeder communities. Analyze multiple years of your competitors’ resident history based on real mobile location data to distill the best locations to target future prospects. Then, target them with captivating creative.


Precise Targeting

Highlight your amenities to prospects across all their devices, including desktop and streaming TV. Most importantly, measure the amount of website conversions and walk-ins your geofencing campaign generated.



Expert Optimization

We optimize geofencing campaigns with frequent recommendations from our data team. We implement actionable insights to ensure that your campaigns respond to changing renter and prospect behavior.


Apartment Digital Marketing for Multifamily

Entice prospects early on in their buyer’s journey with local apartment digital marketing, which leverages GPS technology to serve action-oriented banner ads and unskippable commercials on Hulu, Sling TV and other streaming TV apps.


From awareness to conversion, drive website visitors and walk-ins with tantalizing creative that will set you apart from your competitors. Your ads will show up in a highly vetted list of websites and mobile apps, so you can be sure your property brand is safe. Apartment digital marketing has evolved, and geofencing allows you to target renters in their native, digital home environments.

Our Unique Amenities

How can your apartment communities use location-based digital marketing to reach the right prospects, months ahead of your competition? We employ a three-pronged approach of prospect intelligence, precise targeting (across display, video, streaming TV and social) and expert optimization with actionable reporting to drive awareness and foot traffic. 


Prospect Research

Discover where your prospects live, work and play. With over two years of mobile location data, you can now target the right audiences for effective digital marketing for apartments.


  • Determine top employers
  • Discover competitors based on places people have previously lived
  • Identify popular points of interest in the neighborhood
  • Analyze competitor resident demographic profiles

Precise Targeting

Dazzle your prospects across all devices, with ads showcasing your high-end amenities, targeting people who have toured your competitor properties, work at nearby employers, or visit local points of interest.


Target your ideal prospects based on blinded demographic traits, compliant with the Fair Housing Act:

  • Estimated household income
  • Average household age
  • Interests, behaviors and more!

Expert Optimization

Track campaign performance with 24/7 access to a custom dashboard. Receive ongoing actionable insights from a team of experts to identify winning campaign strategies and see key performance drivers with advanced attribution.


Reporting Includes:


  • Monthly analysis and recommendations
  • Performance data down to the geofence
  • Real-time dashboard with views by individual location, region or roll up

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