AI-Powered Video for Multifamily Marketers

Wishing you had fresh, high-quality video for your properties?

An industry-wide desire for a video-first approach across platforms has always been hindered by production costs and property-level budgets. Clients often sought affordable, quality videos for their diverse properties. While we still offer human-made videos, we now introduce a cost-effective solution: AI-Powered videos. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence and our integration with OpenAI, we're pioneering AI-Powered video services for the multifamily sector. Using only online photos and content, we craft top-notch videos, enabling apartment marketers to highlight properties dynamically. Adjustments to video content, from text to branding, are seamless.


MicrosoftTeams-image (77) is breaking the barrier to entry for apartments of all sizes with an AI-Powered service that creates engaging and effective video content in minutes.


AI-generated video for streaming TV advertising, available with most geofencing packages.

What are the benefits?

AI-powered video production is both affordable and high-quality, allowing apartments to craft professional videos for various channels, making a video-first strategy achievable even with tight budgets.

Our beta users laud the platform's video quality and cost-effectiveness., a leader in streaming TV ads for multifamily, now offers AI video production, enhancing our comprehensive digital marketing suite. Dive into this digital marketing evolution with us. 




Unlock the power of Generative AI

See the results!


With near instantaneous results, can help your property outshine other properties with a video-first strategy.


AI-generated videos use artificial intelligence to scan the Internet for business data and assets to automatically produce a brand-approved video including brand colors and logos, special messages or slogans, product names and descriptions, images and assets from your websites and social accounts, and much more!


View our collection of templates to discover the perfect match for your property.


"We need digital marketing partners that bring solutions to improve property performance. is one of those partners. They provide regular insights, data and action items on key metrics for every property."
  1. Christine Millier

Digital Marketing Analyst, Village Green

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