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Transformative Tactics for Multifamily Marketing: Unpacking Geofencing, Streaming TV and Outsmarting the Off-peak

Catch our exclusive webinar with Jessica Peterka, Director of Marketing for Timberland Partners and Kara Rafferty, Director of Sales from ApartmentGeofencing to learn how to outsmart the off-peak season.


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Streaming TV for Multifamily: The Future of Advertising for Apartment Communities

 Learn how to combine streaming TV, AI-powered videos, and targeted geofencing ads to bolster your digital marketing arsenal and drive the foot traffic you've been missing.

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Give us 30 minutes and we'll show you how we use mobile location data along with AI-generated videos to help you win more prospects.


You'll learn how our AI-generated videos:

  • Can help drive more tours from prospective renters 
  • Can help deploy new monthly  videos for CTV advertising
  • Can supercharge your hyperlocal reach for your multifamily


Services we'll dive into:

  • Our AI-powered creative services
  • Streaming / Connected TV (CTV) advertising
  • Geofencing, competitor conquesting, places of interest targeting
  • Meta advertising including Facebook and Instagram
  • Industry-leading prospect research platform
  • Real-time reporting dashboards
"We need digital marketing partners that bring solutions to improve property performance. ApartmentGeofencing.com is one of those partners. They provide regular insights, data and action items on key metrics for every property."
  1. Christine Millier

Digital Marketing Analyst, Village Green

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