How Geofencing Works

What is Geofencing Marketing for Apartments?

With over 90% of mobile users owning a smartphone with GPS tracking capabilities, location-based marketing has become more central to reaching always-connected prospects. Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing strategy that displays relevant ads to visitors who walk into a geofence (a digital fence). Geofences can take the form of competitor properties, employers, neighborhood points of interest and even events!


Geofencing marketing for apartments is particularly effective, as properties are able to create demand for their property with captivating creative that shines bright in contrast to traditional apartment marketing. Contact us to gain free geofencing expertise to bolster your local apartment marketing!


Analyze Current Residents helps you identify top feeder communities. Analyze multiple years of your competitors’ resident history based on real mobile location data to distill the best locations to target future prospects. Then, target them with captivating creative.


Precise Targeting

Highlight your amenities to prospects across all their devices, including desktop and streaming TV. Most importantly, measure the amount of website conversions and walk-ins your geofencing campaign generated.



Expert Optimization

We optimize geofencing campaigns with frequent recommendations from our data team. We implement actionable insights to ensure that your campaigns respond to changing renter and prospect behavior.


Don't let your competitors geofence your multifamily property before you do!

Advantages of Adding Geofencing to your Apartment Marketing

It can be difficult to stand out in paid search and ILSs for apartments. Paid search ads bind you with character limits, and ILSs can dilute your properties’ unique amenities with templates. That is why geofencing for apartments is especially effective. allows your property to shine early in your prospect’s decision-making process with eye-catching creative.


Tantalize prospects with your amenities via animated banner ads and short, unskippable commercials viewable on streaming TV channels. With over three years of mobile location data, we help pinpoint feeder communities and anticipate the location of your current prospects to target them across all their devices.


Geofencing is also a great way to target employees from major local employers!


Learn how affordable, highly-targeted, unskippable commercials can drive tours and online conversions for your properties. Featured in this case study are four property types in various markets and their performance over a three-month period.


1. Set Up Custom Target Zones

Geofence the locations your customers frequent the most, in custom "target zones." From coffee shops to grocery stores, parking lots to train stations, major employers to local businesses, the geofencing possibilities are (almost) endless. Target zones for apartments can include competitor leasing centers or local garden-style or high-rise properties.


2. Target Prospects Through All Their Connected Devices

Once a prospect walks into a target zone with their GPS-equipped smartphone, their anonymous mobile ID is captured. Contacts are now eligible to receive eye-catching, action-oriented banner ads on their mobile phone. However, as they return home and connect their mobile device to their home network, they open a portal to all their other connected devices. Now, your property can continue creating demand by showcasing animated banner ads and unskippable 15-30 second commercials on streaming TV apps like Hulu and Sling TV. See prices here.

3. Measure Conversions

The best part? Your geofencing campaigns are totally trackable. With multiple awareness points available for your prospects to learn about your property, there are two conversion metrics we can measure: website conversions and walk-ins. To measure walk-ins, we set up a geofence around your property, also called a “conversion zone,” to be able to identify mobile IDs that came from your target zones. With advanced attribution, our clients are never left to wonder about the efficacy of their campaigns.



Review performance expenditures for geofencing campaigns by campaign type. Click below to review typical benchmarks in a display campaign. 

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"We decided to test and saw an immediate surge in over-all foot traffic."
  1. Gray Lane

Director of Marketing Opertaions, ECI Group

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