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Access real foot traffic data for geofencing advertising that converts. 


With GeofenceiQ, you can:

  • Uncover new prospecting hotspots and apply them to your geofencing strategy.

  • Receive a quarterly GeofenceiQ report with detailed insight into competitor property trends, seasonal predictions, your prospects’ favorite places, and more.

  • Discover upcoming development projects to identify emerging markets and target areas with increasing foot traffic.
  • Analyze competitor foot traffic behavior and identify where residents and visitors of competitor properties hang out, shop, eat, work, and more!  


GeofenceiQ's tailored plans are designed to seamlessly align with your unique goals and budgets. Our three distinctive plans cater to varying needs, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your business and start as low as $95.




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"We’re always relying on the prospect that is already looking. Geofencing allows us to target prospects that are not even looking to move right now. It should be a must for any strategic multifamily marketing plan and the ApartmentGeofencing.com team has been incredible to work with."
  1. Britt Gutierrez 

Marketing Manager, Demand Generation, Bell Partners, Inc.


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