Streaming TV Case Study

See how four property types in various markets used streaming TV to unlock new leads and leases over a three-month period. Learn how affordable, highly-targeted, unskippable video commercials can drive tours and online conversions for your properties. 

  • Reach your target audience: Multifamily properties can use geofencing technology to show streaming TV ads to relevant prospects based on location behavior. This means that you can showcase your streaming TV ads to prospects visiting a competitor's property. 

  • Cost-effective advertising: Streaming TV ads cost as little as 1/10th of the price of traditional TV ads. This means that multifamily properties with limited marketing budgets can afford to run ads on streaming TV platforms.

  • Measurable results: Track website conversions and online conversions to keep a pulse on the ROI of your campaign. Obtain a level of tracking and measurement not often possible with traditional TV advertising.