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How to Find Renters for Your Apartment With Prospect Research has partnered with to provide the most powerful and effective prospective renter analytics on the market. With access to years of mobile location data, we can analyze renter data from your current residents, competitors and highly frequented points of interest. The research helps us to find renters with a proven, data-driven market analysis.


Our prospect research unveils the intelligence to help you see where your prospects live, work and play.


Analyze Current Residents helps you identify top feeder communities. Analyze multiple years of your competitors’ resident history based on real mobile location data to distill the best locations to target future prospects. Then, target them with captivating creative.


Target Top Employers

Tap into commuter trends and funnel traffic to your leasing office. Our prospect research report lets you view local trade areas and identify top employers. With access to renter profiles from competitor properties, our clients can access average drive distance to work.


Discover Favorite Hot Spots

Identify where your prospects hang out and play after business hours. From local gyms to nearby restaurants, our prospect research report gives you the intelligence needed to target your ideal prospects based on past location behavior.

Prospect Research is Designed for Multifamily Marketing

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Location-Based Market Research reporting and our analysis takes the guesswork out of how to find renters. This report unveils high-converting points of interests to target in your geofencing campaigns.


We enable you to improve advertising and forecast potential locations for future development by mapping and defining who your customers are and where they are located. Plus, it helps show the value of those customers to your management and development teams. When paired with client-provided competitors, we distill invaluable data that informs a strategic playbook for your geofencing strategy.



  • Identify core customers
  • Create specialized market optimization reports
  • Explore customized list of new competitor locations
  • Define audience and demographic groups based on past visitation
  • Discover gaps for expansion to new markets

Comprehensive Resident Demographic Analysis reporting and our analysis helps distill prospect profiles that will generate walk-ins and lock-in leases. With market and direct competitor analysis on hand, we help identify a broader competitive property set, gaps in the market, major employers, neighborhood points of interest and resident commute data.


Prospect research is the GPS equivalent to running a “find renters near me” search query for apartment marketers, but with an added historical look back of multiple years! All location data within has been anonymized for privacy protection, so you can be confident all research is Fair Housing compliant.

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Marketing Director, First Communities

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