The Marketing Show with Matthew Kilmurry & Guests Carla J. Alicea & Lia Nichole Smith

Matthew Kilmurry

I truly enjoyed speaking with and getting to know both Carla J. Alicea, Director of Client Performance & Education, and Lia Nichole Smith, Senior Vice President of Education and Performance at SatisFacts & ApartmentRatings. 


Getting to know Carla and Lia Nichole

With over 20 years in multifamily marketing, Carla J. Alicea has an array of expertise, including local SEO, SEM, social media strategy, and marketing tech. Former VP of Marketing for a top NMHC owner-operator, now with ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts Education Team. Pursuing a Master's in Marketing Research and Analytics, Carla offers innovative perspectives, challenging traditional assumptions with data-driven marketing insights. 

Lia Nichole Smith is a trend-spotting thought leader, with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of solving challenges for student, conventional, affordable, military, and senior communities. Recognized by GlobeStreet as an Influencer in Multifamily, Lia Nichole is an expert in predictive analytics and a highly sought-after international speaker due to her ability to bring together market research, renter trends, and effective storytelling. She is a published author and industry leader!

During our LinkedIn Live session, Carla and Lia explained the differences between zero-party, first-party, second-party, and third-party data, and discussed when multifamily properties might utilize each type. We talked about how data is revolutionizing the targeting of potential residents, making marketing efforts more precise and effective. We also touched on how qualitative research can help pinpoint the root cause of issues like declining resident satisfaction survey scores, providing deeper insights into resident needs and preferences, and they shared examples of how multifamily properties have successfully used marketing research and analytics to achieve their goals.

Carla and Lia shared invaluable insights on leveraging different types of data to enhance marketing precision and effectiveness in multifamily housing. Their passion for their work is evident, and I am proud to see them continue to excel and make a significant impact in the industry.