ApartmentGeofencing.com Rocks the AIM Conference 2024

Juli Loomis

The Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference (AIM) 2024 has come to a close, and the ApartmentGeofencing.com team is buzzing with the after-effects of an incredible event! From vibrant Barbie Parties to entertaining AIM Speaker Sessions, and from serene Beach Walk/Meet Ups to every memorable moment in between, here's our journey through AIM 2024!

The Barbie Experience

Sponsoring and attending the Barbie Party was undoubtedly a highlight of our AIM trip! Immersed in the Barbie Experience, our team embraced the spirit of the occasion by dressing up as characters from the movie. Our CEO, Matthew Kilmurry, even took on the role of Mattel's CEO, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. Can you tell the difference between Matthew and Will Ferrell?


The Barbie Experience transported us to the Multifamily Dream House, where we "danced the night away" amidst beautiful views of Huntington Beach, CA. From delicious food and drinks to capturing hilarious moments at the Barbie Box and Mojo Dojo Casa House photo booths, every aspect of the evening was festive and fun. The ambiance was complemented by giveaways, activations, and, of course, the soundtrack of the Barbie Movie.

Leveraging Anonymized Mobile Location Data

Another one of the highlights for us was our joint speaker session, "Leveraging Anonymized Mobile Location Data for Market Research & Advertising." Our CEO and Founder of ApartmentGeofencing.com, Matthew Kilmurry, teamed up with Ben Witten, the Head of Real Estate Strategy at Placer.ai to showcase the transformative power of anonymized mobile location data. The session generated a lot of interest, sparking lively discussions and gaining press, about how this data can be used to gain a deeper understanding of renter behavior and develop highly targeted marketing campaigns.



“You can learn so much about the market,” Matthew said. “You can do a comp report of another apartment property nearby to see what type of people live there. Then you can match that information with locations to decide where you want to build and what would work best in a marketing plan. This makes it easier for apartment marketers to see where they should be advertising for the next three months, for example, and what should be highlighted in their campaigns based on what activity is going on."

Lights, Camera, Acquisition!

We were also proud to contribute to another session, "Lights, Camera, Acquisition! Creating an AI-Powered Video-First Strategy." This session explored the exciting world of AI video in marketing and its potential to create more engaging and effective content. Our friends, Kate Good, Partner, SVP of Multifamily Development at Hunington Residential, Annie Wildasin, Senior Director of Marketing at Bozzuto, and Billie Wildrick, Learning & Development Lead, Speaker Coach at Ovation, did an incredible job addressing the hurdles encountered by multifamily marketers in integrating video into their strategies. They not only identified these challenges but also presented an innovative solution leveraging AI video technology. Their session also gained press and applause from the crowd as they created an AI video on the spot for an attendee in the audience. 


Beyond the Educational Sessions

The true value of AIM extended far beyond the speaker sessions. The conference has an incredible and vibrant community atmosphere, allowing us to connect with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. We also enjoyed learning about the latest trends impacting the multifamily apartment sector, from operational best practices to resident experience enhancements.

Looking Ahead

The AIM Conference 2024 was a great experience for ApartmentGeofencing.com, and we're already looking forward to AIM 2025! If you're interested in learning how ApartmentGeofencing.com can help you leverage the power of location data for your marketing campaigns, or for more information regarding AI Video, please don't hesitate to contact us!