MME '24: First Impressions & Takeaways

Juli Loomis

The Multifamily Marketing East (MME) 2024 event was designed exclusively for multifamily industry marketers on the East Coast. This invitation-only event, held at a stunning waterfront venue, Sagamore Pendry Baltimore, was an opportunity for property management professionals to engage, share, and expand their networks through innovative content and interactive sessions—all at no cost. Here’s a recap of the event that left us inspired and equipped for the future of multifamily marketing.

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Multifamily Marketing Conference Circuit

MME 2024 provided a unique platform for industry leaders to come together and shape the future of multifamily marketing. From the outset, it was clear that this was not just another conference; it was a hub of inspiration and professional growth. Attendee registration included access to all main-stage and breakout sessions, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments, a Tuesday night waterfront networking dinner, and a personalized take-home gift. 

And did we mention it was free?

The Making of a Love Brand and Gaining Brand Traction

Kelley Shannon, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience, Bozzuto, delivered an inspiring speech titled "The Making of a Love Brand," where she discussed the art of building a brand that people adore, akin to iconic names like Mercedes, Patagonia, and Trader Joe's. She emphasized the importance of authenticity, emotional connection, and consistent quality in cultivating a brand that resonates deeply with consumers.

Matthew Kilmurry, our Founder and CEO, shared how a system like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) can help brands gain traction. He illustrated how this powerful framework can streamline business operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth, providing attendees with actionable strategies to elevate their companies.


MME2024-SneakPeeks-10Kelley Shannon, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience, Bozzuto                           Matthew Kilmurry, CEO and Founder of

Attendees like Paul Bergeron, seemed captivated by the panels, quoting both Kelley and Matthew on their incredible speeches.


Panel Discussions that Paved the Way

The event featured two keynote panel discussions that set the stage for the high-quality content that followed:

1. More With Less: Leveraging AI to Overcome Constraints

In today’s landscape, where “doing more with less” is more than just a buzzword, this panel explored how AI is revolutionizing the multifamily marketing industry. Attendees learned how to amplify output and efficiency despite limited budgets and teams. The session provided practical insights into leveraging AI to not only meet but exceed expectations. Moderated by Elaine De Lude, VP of LIVEbe Communities, with panelists, Daniel Paulino, VP of Marketing, Bozzuto, Moshe Crane, VP of Branding and Strategic Initiatives, Sage Ventures, and Wendy Coplen, Marketing Director, Bell Partners Inc.

2. Marketing Metrics Are Changing—Are You Ready?

Digital marketing metrics are rapidly evolving. This session went into how marketing teams can adapt to new regulations and innovations, ensuring success in today’s dynamic digital environment. Topics included branding, awareness, findability, and social engagement, all tailored to the multifamily marketing context. Moderated by Wendy Simpson, SVP of Marketing and Customer Experience, Edgewood Management, with panelists, Kevin Wilson, Director of Marketing, Strategy and Planning, Southern Land Company, Michelle José, VP of Property Marketing, Mill Creek Residential, and Xiyao Yang, Director of Marketing Analytics, Bozzuto.


MME2024-SneakPeeks-21Michelle José, VP of Property Marketing, Mill Creek Residential                                         Xiyao Yang, Director of Marketing Analytics, Bozzuto

Breakout Sessions: Diving Deeper

In addition to the main panels, MME 2024 hosted 20 breakout sessions covering a wide range of topics. With each breakout session, there was one sponsor that served as the host, one volunteer moderator, and one volunteer presenter.

Here are some of the key highlights from the breakout sessions!

Enhancing Customer Experience with MarTech: The "MarTech: Enhancing Customer Experience & Operations" session discussed how marketing technology can significantly improve customer interactions and operational efficiency.

AI Addressing Pain Points: The "How AI Can Help with Industry Pain Points" session provided insights into how AI can solve common challenges in the multifamily sector, such as lead generation and tenant retention.

Maximizing Video Content: The "Maximizing Video Content: Ads and Beyond" session explored strategies for leveraging video content in marketing campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Influencer Marketing Success: The "Mastering Influencer Marketing: Strategies for Success" session discussed effective strategies for leveraging influencer marketing to reach and engage target audiences.

Branding for Marketing Success: The "Apartment Branding for Marketing Success" session emphasized the importance of strong branding in multifamily marketing, providing strategies to build and maintain a compelling brand.

Internal Partnerships with Data: The "Build Internal Partnerships Using Marketing Data" session underscored the value of using marketing data to foster internal partnerships and improve collaborative efforts.

Streaming TV Advertising: The "Streaming TV Advertising for Apartments" session explored the benefits of using streaming TV ads to reach potential tenants in a highly targeted manner.

Effective Geofencing: The "Mastering Geofencing: Market Rate to Affordable and Urban to Suburban" session demonstrated how geofencing can be used to effectively target diverse market segments.

Mobile Location Data: The "Understanding Prospect Preferences with Mobile Location History" session highlighted how mobile location data can provide valuable insights into prospect preferences and behaviors.

Creating a World-Class Company Culture: The "Your Guide to Creating a World-Class Company Culture in 2024" session offered guidance on building a strong, positive company culture that can drive success and employee satisfaction.

Collaborative Data Use: The "Build Internal Partnerships Using Marketing Data" session stressed the importance of leveraging data to foster better collaboration between different departments within a company.


Wendy Simpson, SVP of Edgewood Management asked attendees how many action items, thoughts, and takeaways everyone they were eaving with.

Networking and Community Building

Our team loved the networking opportunities as a whole. The entire event was designed in a way that encouraged us to meet new connections in the field, build on their insights and industry knowledge, and find potential partners to help them grow the way they want to.

The Tuesday night reception and dinner hosted at The Pendry's beautiful courtyard provided a relaxed and unique setting for us to connect, share ideas, and build relationships that will help shape the future of the industry. The sense of community was palpable, with attendees eager to reflect on the conference highlights. With an incredible and kind DJ , a 360 photo booth, and a hilarious AI-Robo Sketch were the perfect pieces to complete a long, educational, and fun-filled day.

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