Streaming TV - The newest awesome thing (AIM Reconnect Session)

Matthew Kilmurry
OTT/CTV - Multifamily, Apartment Marketing

Streaming TV advertising provides affordable, highly-targeted, unskippable commercials with advanced attribution. If you haven’t heard of streaming TV yet, or you have but wonder how well it works for multifamily, check out the video as we discuss uses of video for apartments and the tremendous opportunity for streaming TV advertising to drive not only brand awareness but also leads and tours. In this AIM Reconnect session we were joined by:

– Jean Flors, Lead Generation Manager at Bozzuto

– Gray Lane, Director of Digital Marketing at JMG Realty

– Michelle Alicea, Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Kairoi Residential

– Matthew Kilmurry, CEO of



One of my favorite parts of our discussion was on screen-to-screen scanning of QR codes. And to prove it's a thing, Jean sent us this great picture of her scanning a QR code during favorite show.


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