Unveiling GeofenceiQ™ : Elevate Your Geofencing Advertising with Precision

Juli Loomis

Introducing: GeofenceiQ™ Advanced Prospect Intelligence, powered by Placer.ai and available exclusively from ApartmentGeofencing.com. Supercharge your geofencing campaigns with AI-powered location intelligence for smarter, dynamic targeting.

Unlocking Prospect Intelligence with GeofenceiQ™:

GeofenceiQ goes beyond geofencing guesswork, offering AI-powered insights that enhance your prospecting accuracy. Discover targeting hotspots, local favorites, emerging competitors, and planned development to refine your geofencing strategy.

Tailored Plans to Suit Your Needs:

Receive a complimentary GeofenceiQ prospect report with any new geofencing package (standard or above), or sign up for a GeofenceiQ subscription for a more comprehensive quarterly analysis. 

You have three monthly plans to choose from starting at just $95 per property:

  • GeofenceiQ Informative: Analyze 1 competitor for $95/mo per property
  • GeofenceiQ Insightful: Analyze 2 competitors for $175/mo per property
  • GeofenceiQ Intelligent: Analyze 3 competitors for $245/mo per property

How GeofenceiQ Works:

Simply talk to your sales or customer success representative to add GeofenceiQ to your monthly plan. We conduct a monthly audit and provide geofence recommendations using Placer.ai. Every quarter, you'll receive a comprehensive GeofenceiQ Prospect Intelligence Report.

What Your Quarterly Report Includes:

  • Competitor analysis based on 1, 2, or 3 competitor properties
  • Competitor prospecting guide detailing resident and visitor hangouts
  • Market insights with a planned development map
  • A three-month geofencing plan featuring top performers and new additions

Understanding Placer.ai:

Placer.ai is an AI-powered mobile location platform that delivers valuable location analytics. In partnership with Placer.ai, we offer this insightful data at an affordable, monthly cost, revolutionizing how multifamily marketers access meaningful information.

Want More Data?

If GeofenceiQ piques your interest, Placer.ai provides tailored subscriptions to meet your company's specific needs. We can facilitate a hassle-free consultation to explore additional data offerings.

Make the smart move with GeofenceiQ—empower your geofencing strategy with unparalleled precision and intelligence. Elevate your advertising game today!