Webinar Recap: Streaming TV for Multifamily

Kate Trigg

In case you missed our webinar on October 27, here's a quick recap of, "Streaming TV for Multifamily - The Future of Advertising for Your Apartment Community."

In just 30 minutes, our CEO, Matthew Kilmurry, joined by our VP of Sales, Brian Robinson, led us on a virtual journey of this emerging advertising secret weapon - streaming TV.

A short clip from the webinar on the prospect journey:

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What is CTV?

Connected TV (CTV) are devices consumers use for streaming TV that we can target and track like any other device (like mobile, laptop, and tablet) with pinpoint accuracy and conversion metrics.

How is this different from advertising on cable TV?

Streaming TV advertising is different from old-school cable TV advertising in so many ways! Here are some pros for advertising through streaming TV:

  • It's much less expensive than advertising through cable.
  • You can now target precise audiences with OTT/CTV, instead of a major DMA which was a huge area where your commercial would be shown, where you couldn't target specific audiences.
  • Results can be tracked.

Some streaming TV stats

  • Streaming has officially overthrown cable as king! As of July 2022, 34.8% of TV content consumed by Americans came from streaming TV (Netflix, Disney+, etc.), whereas 34.4% was generated by cable.
  • Netflix just announced that they will have an ad-supported view, with other big names likely to follow.
  • There are over 820 million connected video devices in America.
  • An impressive 98% of video ads are completed by streaming TV viewers compared to completion rates on other devices.

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Thank you to all that attended, and keep an eye out for upcoming webinars!