What Happens When the Cookie Crumbles?


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How did we get here? The answer to that question is one that many marketers have been chasing after, that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow also known as multi-touch attribution. We all want to know the journey our prospects have taken to get to us.


How do we combat the recent iOS 14.5 update to improve campaign reporting? What exactly was the update and how does it affect campaigns? What is first-party data?


A team of marketing experts from Kairoi Residential, Equity Residential, Bozzuto, and Wasatch Property Management joined our CEO, Matthew Kilmurry, who acted as moderator, broke it all down for us in a discussion on “What Happens When the Cookie Crumbles?” recently presented at the 2022 Apartment Innovation & Marketing Conference (AIM).


Watch a video of the presentation below and get the answers to all your cookie questions.



And check out our gallery from the presentation. It was great to see everyone in person. Can't wait to see you again next year!